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Routing guidelines for RF PCBs

In the last few years, PCB design has become an increasingly challenging task, mainly due, in most cases, to the combined presence of digital, mixed and radio frequency (RF) signals. In general, a...


IoT: what is the impact on PCB Design & Manufacturing?

The term IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to an infrastructure comprising several electronic devices connected to the Internet. Smart devices, remotely controllable by means of dedicated apps,...


PCB design for Embedded Systems: what you should know

In recent years, the growing demand for mobile, wearable and electro-medical devices has led to a progressive reduction in the size of embedded electronic circuits. The requirements related to the...


Manual or interactive routing, advantages and inconveniences

Layout definition is certainly one of the most complex operations that the designer has to face when developing a printed circuit board (PCB). This activity, in fact, is both an art and a science...


Hints for improving PCB thermal management

Printed circuit boards, the heart of any electronic device, are designed to allow electrical conduction and the transmission of analog and digital signals between different electronic components....


How to create the best BOM for your PCB

The bill of materials (BOM) is of primary importance in the design and production phase of each electronic device, starting from the printed circuit board (PCB). In the absence of a detailed and...


Our hints for high-speed PCB design

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a continuous upward evolution of electronic devices, increasingly rich in new features, fast and with extremely compact size. Electronic devices...


Our Design hints for high-power PCBs

Most recent electronic applications are based on highly integrated components capable of withstanding ever greater power levels and operating frequencies. The need to manage high currents and...


Wearable PCB design guidelines

In recent years, wearable devices have become increasingly popular, thanks to the enormous progress made in the electronic field and the availability of highly integrated electronic components...

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