In November 2017, our PCB line is being extended to include new copper thicknesses and new available options!

You probably already know, but we prefer to tell you again: allows you to create your PCB prototypes very quickly and directly on-line by offering an all-inclusive solution: the purchase and assembly of your electronic components, but also the production of your PCBs with a wide range of available options.


Our PCB line is being extended with new copper thicknesses:

  • New external copper thickness: 210μ
    which completes the existing 35μ, 70μ, 105μ and 140μ.
  • New internal copper thickness: 140μ
    which completes the existing 17.5μ, 35μ, 70μ and 105μ.


But also new options:

  • New varnish colour: clear
    which completes the existing colours: green, black, matt black, white, red and purple.
  • New screen printing ink colour: blue
    which completes the existing colours: white, yellow and black.


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