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Proto-Electronics' New offer : even lower prices and new advantages!

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For your PCB prototype projects, is changing its offer and now has even more competitive pricing and reworked production lead times.

In order to bolster its European n°1 ranking in online PCB prototype production, has renegotiated its agreements with its partners to offer an even better deal.

Electronic component purchases at the best price

The component search engine, which was already very effective in its initial version, has had the following features optimised:

  • Stock level checks
  • Optimum packaging selection
  • Search for the best price by comparing the different suppliers

Another significant benefit: the purchase terms from our different electronic component suppliers have been renegotiated for even better deals.

Increased productivity

In order to further reduce costs, we have worked to improve productivity in our production plant while maintaining our quality and service requirements.

Greater flexibility with new delivery lead times

To bring even more flexibility to project creation, we have reworked our production lead times:

  • A new lead time, called “super-eco” has been added
  • Intermediate lead times have been re-adjusted.

Production lead times are now the following:

  • Urgent: Delivery within D+5* business days.
  • Fast: Delivery within D+8 business days.
  • Standard: Delivery within D+12 business days.
  • Economic: Delivery within D+15 business days.
  • Super-eco: Delivery within D+20 business days.

*for a 2 layer PCB with wiring services.

Test the new offer!

If you are a prototyper on the platform, or if you don’t know it yet, this is an opportunity to come (back) and test the new offer on the platform by going to:

And if you costed a project in the past, now is the time to check the difference in prices and lead times.  Feel free to give us your feedback.

Awarding your prototyping projects to means choosing unique know-how, guaranteed confidentiality and specific customer support, but also exclusive preferential prices.

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