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What to know on our PCB prototypes production and delivery lead times

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When you place your order for PCB prototypes, you have a choice of several production lead times starting from only 5 days.

These lead times allow you to choose the date you will be delivered your prototypes on time.

They vary from 5 to 20 business days and include:

  • PCB production
  • The purchase of electronic components (including availability checks)
  • The assembly of the electronic components on the PCBs
  • The checks
  • The packaging
  • Delivery to you

To provide more flexibility in your PCB prototype projects, you will see that, depending on the selected lead time, your project costing varies.

Thus, by ordering on, you have perfect control of your deadlines and your project.

Production lead times are the following:


D+5* business days


D+8 business days


D+12 business days


D+15 business days


D+20 business days

*for a 2 layer PCB with wiring services.

If you supply electronic components, remember to take the lead time you selected into account!

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