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Our top rules for PCB stack-up and layer ordering

Most modern electronic devices contain printed circuit boards (PCBs) critical to their performance. Each layer of a PCB is physically arranged in a stack-up, and each layer is essential to the...


What is PCB traceability and why is it needed?

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are crucial in today's technologically advanced, highly connected society. Many products, from TV remotes to cellphones, are only functional because of the conductive...


Things to know about PCB drilling process

Once the lamination process has been completed, the PCB enters the drilling phase, which takes place following the specifications contained in the PCB NC drill files. The process of creating holes in...


How to deal with moisture and sensitive devices on PCB

In recent years, electronic devices have undergone a continuous evolution that has led to ever smaller footprint, accompanied by ever higher performance and speed. Smaller, more complex and denser...


Our Best Design Rules for Small-Size PCBs

In recent years, the development of new electronic technologies has made possible a constant miniaturization of electronic devices, with ever smaller and more performing PCBs. As we will see in the...


How to Face the Impact on PCB of Components Shortage

The shortage of electronic components, in particular of some categories of semiconductors and chips, has for some time been creating many problems for the global electronics industry. This crisis of...


How to choose your PCB Dielectric Material

Dielectric materials are the basis of every printed circuit board, forming the non-conductive substrate inserted between the conductive layers of the PCB, as shown in Figure 1. Dielectric materials...


5 things to know about PCB footprints

The PCB footprint defines the physical interface between each electronic component and the printed circuit board, providing essential information for the assembly and maintenance phases of the PCB,...


Best Rules for PCB Components Placement

Over the years, the layout of printed circuit boards has become more and more complex, with an increasing density of components. This complexity is due on the one hand by the market demand for...

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