Fast and flexible manufacturer for PCBA prototypes
since 2014

European platform specialised in PCB assembly prototypes production (from 1 to 50 items)
offering very short lead times and high-quality products

Our core competency: the assembly of your PCB prototypes

Our objective is to save you time and give you more efficiency in your R&D cycle PCBA prototyping phase. Since its creation in 2014, Proto-Electronics keeps working to continuously improve its services and offering you a quality that meets your highest expectations.

Manufacturing your high quality electronic prototypes.

Our commitments: Quality PCBA prototype manufacturing in short delays

We reduce your time-to-market using innovating tools combined with genuine quality commitments.

Speed and flexibility

Has your design phase taken longer than expected? Is your first prototype just short of being functional so that you need to quickly develop another one to validate your concept? There’s no need to worry, we are used to processing urgent orders and are here to support you.

Throughout your PCB production and assembly phase, we are here to listen and fit your needs: our top priority is to deliver your PCBA prototype on time and in full compliance with our quality and service criterias.


We always take into account your views to continuously improve our online electronics subcontracting service. Give us your feedback on our web site, our lead times, our customer support, etc. Your comments help us to improve our services and our solution.

Since our platform's creation, we have worked on many criterias: additional delivery lead times, new live chat, interface speed, improvement of our offer, the calculation and component search algorithms, new production plant, machinery investments, our teams' training, new version of the platform, etc.
All these optimizations are mainly thanks to you!


When you use our services to produce your PCBA prototype, you give us an important and sensitive part of your project. We are fully aware that confidentiality is an essential commitment for you.

This is why all our teams are subject to very strict confidentiality rules and the database is secured to guarantee that your R&D projects remain perfectly discrete.

If you require an additional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed, feel free to request one. vision: accelerate the prototyping phase

X-Rays PCBA controlEvery time a new product is developed, there is necessarily a prototyping phase before starting mass production by an electronics manufacturing subcontractor (or EMS). This prototype is used to validate the product concept and features.

Often the sales launch date has been set a long time in advance and it arrives quicker than expected. But the R&D part is barely finished and all the prototyping and testing is still to come… it’s a case of panic on board!

Proto-Electronics’ mission is to help you in this crucial prototyping phase by cutting your lead times. Online quotes in 10 minutes and delivery lead times starting from 5 working days will give you more peace of mind to work. Don’t wait several weeks to get a quote and a delivery date from your electronics subcontractor!

Our commitment: a time-to-market on average three times shorter for the PCBA prototyping phase along with faultless service and quality.

Choose to be happy when you order your PCBA prototypes!

Meet the team: more than 20 years experience in electronics manufacturing

Our team of passionate and dedicated people will allow you to develop your ideas faster and further!

L'équipe de ProtoElectronique

We are continuously looking for new talents!

In constant growth, Proto-Electronics is looking for new talents in many sectors.