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Configure your PCB

Configure your PCB

Select the specifications of your PCB among our multiple possibilities available on our platform.

  • Number of layers: 1 to 18
  • Dimensions from 10×10 mm to 450×450 mm
  • Options: Copper thickness, soldermask, etc.
  • Materials: FR4, SMI, Polyimide, CEM, Roger
  • Finishes: HAL, HAL-SN100C, or chemical, ENEPIG, chemical silver, OSP, etc.
  • Specific options: via fill, gold fingers, impedance control, etc.
Select your electronic components

Select your electronic components

Import your electronic component lists using an Excel BOM or manually. Availability is checked automatically and the best price is selected (among 3 million references available from our 4 main suppliers).

  • All THT & CMS components (BGA, QFN, etc.)
  • Up to 01005.
Get an instant quote for your PCBA

Get an instant quote for your PCBA

Quotes are generated automatically as soon as your projects are complete. They are all inclusive: PCB manufacturing, components purchase and assembly, delivery and customer support.

  • When placing your order, you will be asked to provide: Gerber files (RS-274x or ODB++ format), layout drawings (PDF format) and Pick & Place file (xls or txt file)
Order your electronic PCB assembly prototypes

Order your electronic PCB assembly prototypes and
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