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Check out all the ways you can configure your PCB

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Using, order your PCBs online, with or without assembly

. Discover the range of specifications to tailor your PCB configuration (material, number of layers, finish, marking, etc.).

28 PCB specifications available:

  • Circuit dimensions
  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Finish
  • Number of layers
  • CMS edges
  • Finished external copper thickness
  • Internal copper thickness
  • Solder mask
  • Mask colour
  • Peelable mask
  • Silkscreen (ink)
  • Ink colour
  • ROHS marking
  • UL marking
  • Date marking
  • Space between tracks
  • Minimum drill hole size
  • Blind via
  • Impedance control
  • Edge plating
  • Press-fit
  • Carbon
  • Via Fill
  • Bevelled edge
  • Contersunk holes
  • Metallographic section
  • Gold fingers

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