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2021 Wishes from Damien Rossignon, Proto-Electronics' CEO

2021 Wishes from Damien Rossignon, Proto-Electronics' CEO

Damien ROSSIGNON, CEO of PROTO-ELECTRONICS , Petite Serie Electronique and Altrics, looks back on this very special year 2020, its achievements, as well as its projection for 2021. 

2020, we all agreewill not have been an ordinary year. 

As we enter 2021, it is important for us once again to thank you all for your loyaltyespecially in recent months. 

For Proto-Electronics, 2020 has certainly been turned upside down, but it will nevertheless have enabled us to continue to invest and maintain our objectives :

  • 13 people were hired (including 5 in our production in Portugal) in order to consolidate the teams, both in production, as in IT and customer services; 
  • We have maintained our activity during periods of confinement following the Covid-19 epidemicalways respecting very strictly the safety instructions and hygiene rules. This has enabled our clients to find a solution to their needs during these difficult months; 
  • In June 2020, we obtained the renewal of our ISO9001 certification: improving processes is essential in order to best meet your requests and expectations, namely time, price and of course quality; 
  • The growth of our export sales continued (30% of our turnover), thus confirming the constant evolution of our marketdriven by the digital transformation of companies; 
  • In Novemberwe were one of the 31 winners of the France RELANCE plan, set up by the French government last September with the aim of reviving the French economy following the economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic: the € 320,000 subsidy granted to us will contribute to the acquisition of new high-performance machines as well as to the development of new processes and application software; 
  • We closed the year with 4.5 M ° of turnover (12% growth compared to 2019) and many new customersso thank you! 

What to wish for 2021? 

We hope that 2021 will be a prosperous year for you, for the whole world, and that life as we have known it will return to normal. 

We want 2021 to bring growth to our country so that we can hirecompetitiveness and innovation to continue to sell in the global market. 

We suspect that 2021 will mark French industry with reindustrialisation and relocation to France. 

We want 2021 to be synonymous with reunionsespecially at trade shows, where we used to meet youso few in 2020. 

As every year, the entire Proto-Electronics team will strive to renew itself and develop new tools so that our platform remains intuitive, fast, and efficient. 

We will continue to offer our customers comprehensive, high-quality and local support, while maintaining our daily responsiveness. 

Todayyou are more than 12,000 members registered on our platform to order your prototypes, and we thank you! 

We are thus moving towards one of our main objectives, more quantitative this time: to reach 10 M ° of turnover in 2023. 

Thanks to you, to the commitment of our collaborators and our partnerswe have succeeded in making Proto-Electronics a strong brand, recognized in our industry. 

We are happy to cross 2021 once again by your side, and remain mobilized to support you in your projects. 

All our best wishes for happinesshealth and prosperity to make this New Year a positive and successful year !

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