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Your PCB quality: what checks does carry out?

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The quality of the prototypes we produce is our main concern at That’s why all PCBs are validated by the customer before production and checked before the electronic component assembly phase, to make sure they meet our quality requirements.

Before launching PCB production, the preview images and the stacking are sent to the customer. After validation, the PCBs are sent to production and checked using the tests described below.

The electric test

On exit from the production line, all the circuits are tested electrically using mobile sensor testers (3 Adlong KVF6 type testers). The test consist in checking that there are no track or via breakage faults on the printed circuits.

The AOI test

The AOI test (Automatic Optical Inspection) is used to visually check and detect possible printed circuit engraving defects using a light source (laser or LED) and an image capture system (scanner or cameras).

This check is carried out on all multilayer PCBs before the layers are pressed, by comparing with the gerber file.

It is used to detect production defects that could go unnoticed during the electric test.

Good to know: All the multilayer circuits we supply undergo an AOI test

Impedance check (optional)

The impedance check is carried out using POLAR type equipment. To find out more about the specifications of the equipment used (documentation in English).

To have this check carried out, during the PCB configurations step on the platform, select “Yes” for the “Impedance check” option.

Metallographic section (optional)

The purpose of metallographic section is to check the stacking compliance with the design data:

  • the thickness of insulating and copper layers,
  • eventual metal deposits.

The second objective is to be able to check production quality for the following criteria:

  • layer alignment,
  • metallisation and engraving appearance,
  • thermal shock resistance.

To have this check carried out, during the PCB configurations step on the platform, select “Yes” for the “Metallographic section” option.

And then?

When the bare PCBs arrive in our workshop, the electronic component assembly phase follows in which different checks are carried out during and after.

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