The team

We have a team of 22 people in Rosheim, in eastern France. Half the team works on customer relations, development and administration. The other half works on electronic prototype production.

  • Damien Rossignon

    Founder & CEO

    The founder of Proto-Electronics, Damien focusses on the company’s innovation strategy and future growth. If you call the hotline he might take the call. He likes to keep in touch with customers to better understand their needs and improve our service offer.

    Leonie Gaul

    Operations Manager

    Leonie communicates a lot of positive energy to our startup and mainly focusses on our business development: commercial operations and production process control. She is motivated working with her team and with customers and her goal is to guarantee customer satisfaction both for products and services.

    Angélique Casassas

    Customer Officer & Sales Support France

    Always happy and with a keen sense of customer service, Angélique is available for you on the phone, on Skype, email and live chat every day of the week. She will help you with your quotes and will be your main contact to communicate with our production facility before, during and after the production of the PCB prototype.

    Stella Strubel

    Customer Officer & Sales Support France

    Stella supports you for all your PCBA prototyping projects. She provides advice throughout the process and works closely with the technical teams to guarantee that production runs smoothly. She is lively, loves challenges and works hard for her customers. If a proverb were to be used to describe her it would be “Possible is only impossible for those who don’t dare”.

    Debora Greco

    Customer Officer & Sales Support Italy

    “The Italian Touch”. Creative and a sportswoman, Debora Greco likes a challenge and aims to find solutions for her customers. She lives life to the full and makes sure she has the means to reach her targets. Give her your projects and she will make sure they are a success!

    Dimitri Munzer

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Dimitri is our pillar of digital experience! He mainly contributes to making sure the platform is easy to use and he feeds the search engines and social networks. His objectives: satisfying customer requirements and convincing people of the power of the Proto-Electronics solution!

    Christophe Tourbez

    Business Developer

    A genuine opportunity globetrotter, Christophe is always there when you need him. His dedication and patience will take you on a journey to discover all the power of He takes care of his customers and does all he can to make sure they are always satisfied.

    Olivier Piotrowski

    Web Project Manager

    Olivier coordinates solution development operations. With his excellent soft skills and technical knowledge, he wants to perfectly master the tools to make our digital solutions a success.

  • We are always looking for new talent’s continuing growth means it is always looking for new talent in several areas: digital development, business development,

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