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We are regularly looking for new talents to hire. If you are looking for a workplace that values teamwork, curiosity and inspiration, and if you have a thirst for the electronics and IoT industry, then apply to join Proto-Electronics.com!

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Proto-Electronics offers various jobs in many fields, whether you are a junior developer, a sales assistant, an electronics assembler or even if you are looking for an internship. Now is the time to start your career alongside our teams.

Team work

The strength of a united team. This is what drives us to support our customers. We always find solutions for any challenges we meet.


To be part of our teams, it is mandatory to be curious. Keeping an eye on the electronic market is essential, especially when talking to expert and senior engineers.


We are very serious when it comes to customer satisfaction. This is how we forged our DNA: remaining always in good care of our valued customers.

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