PCB Assembly: Your prototype wired in 5 days


A European PCB assembly specialist for your electronic prototypes, Proto-Electronics has fully digitised the entire process. Configure your PCB online, generate an estimate and issue your purchase order. An emergency? Choose our express 5-day delivery!

Order your assembled printed circuit board in 4 steps

  1. PCB Configuration
    Select the PCB type, the materials and the different wiring options.
  2. Import your component list
    Import your electronic component list using a BOM (Excel or txt file). Component availability at our suppliers is checked automatically and our system automatically proposes alternatives if there are shortages.
  3. Generate your estimate online
  4. Finalise your order
    Pay your order directly online using our fully secure Crédit Mutuel partner payment system.
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Our PCB assembly technical capacity

Proto-Electronics uses cutting edge materials and technology for electronic prototyping:

  • SMT, BGA, QFN, Pin & Past, Press Fit assembly
  • PCB types: FR4, Prepreg, SMI, Polyimide, ROGER, CEM3
  • Multilayer up to 18 layers
  • Up to 0201
  • ROHS marking

Unrivalled assembly quality

The assembly of PCBs and SMT components requires accuracy and know-how: our teams are continuously trained in new techniques. Proto-Electronics is IPC610 standard compliant and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  Capacités prises en charge
Assembly types THT (through hole)
SMT (surface mount)
Mixed assembly
2-sided assembly
Quantity per order 1 to 50 PCBs
Component types Passive control box components up to 0201
BGA (minimum spacing 0.35mm), QFN, POP, uBGA and conductorless chips
Components packets Coils
Cut Tape
Board dimensions and shape Smallest size: 10 x 10 mm
Largest size: 450 x 450 mm
Round, rectangular, complex or irregular shape
With holes and cut-outs
Board type Rigid FR4 / SMI/ etc.
Flexi-rigid boards (on request after study)
Assembly proceeding Lead or lead-free (RoHS) process
Required files Gerber RS-274X
BOM (List of Materials)
Pick-N-Place / XY file
PDF format layout drawing
Customer Service Emails
Phone calls
Live chat
Quality control X-ray inspections for BGA and QFN
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
Visual inspection at each assembly step
Impedance testing (on request)
Metallographic section (on request)
Production report
Order lead time Delivery from 5 business days (for a 2 layer PCB)
Brazing SMT Steam phase furnace brazing
THT manual brazing
Infrared brazing on sensitive components
Certification ISO9001
Files format Eagle, Altium, Gerber 274X
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