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SMD soldering paste: which technology should be used to apply it?

The assembly of electronic boards (PCB) has a key step, the application of soldering paste in order to solder SMDs. This is a comparative overview of the available solutions, as well as some...


How to manage electronics obsolescence?

Obsolescence in the electronics field is a major issue and generates a lot of cost and resource spending that have to be removed upstream as much as possible.


LEDs promise dramatic cost savings and important operational benefits in new generation of sports field lighting equipment

While most other lighting applications are now completing their transition to LED light sources, the manufacturers of the floodlights which illuminate football pitches, tennis courts and other...


Our Top 10 printed circuit design software programmes

There are many software programmes to design printed circuits, whether free of charge or not, from the prototyping phase through to industrialisation. How to choose between freeware for DIY fans...


How a distributor can streamline development of the smart, connected and secure industrial products of tomorrow

OEMs in almost any part of the industrial world are facing an urgent requirement to reconfigure their approach to product development. In even the recent past, a viable business could be built on...


Southern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition in Farnborough

Meet part of the Proto-Electronics team and (re)discover the european online platform for prototype PCBs Assembly from 5th to 7th February 2019, at Farnborough International Exhibition and...


How to choose your PCB finish?

To prevent the copper from oxidising and to guarantee correct component weldability, printed circuit surfaces must undergo a finishing step. This is an overview and a few tips to help you choose...


Siklscreen printing PCB: trends for SMD

Silkscreen printing – also known as screen printing or serigraphy – is the flagship solution for electronic boards to be fitted with SMD*. This technology is regularly adapted to meet the always...

More moves into top gear, article published in Electroniques magazine

Read this article published about in June 2017 by Electroniques magazine

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