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ODB++: Advantages and differences compared to the Gerber 274x format

At the heart of each electronic circuit is the printed circuit board (PCB), on which the various electronic components connected through both electrical and mechanical connections are assembled. When...


2022 Wishes: Message from Damien Rossignon, Proto-Electronics' CEO

Damien ROSSIGNON, CEO of Proto-Electronics, presents you on behalf of the whole team, his best wishes for this new year 2022 and draws up the balance sheet of 2021.


DFA-DFM: What is the difference in the design of PCB?

In current markets, there is great pressure on electronic companies to develop and produce ever more miniaturized products, in ever shorter times and with ever lower costs. In order to guarantee the...


The best inspection and testing techniques to maximize the quality of PCBs

Inspection and test cover two essential phases of the manufacturing of each printed circuit board, allowing an objective evaluation of the quality of the final product. Even if engineers follow all...


Our Top 7 Hints for Mobile PCB Design

The progressive increase of features integrated in the latest generation mobile devices is imposing ever more stringent requirements on the design of printed circuit boards. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth...


How and where use vias in PCB design

The term via (or via hole) means an electrical connection between different layers of a printed circuit board. Via is basically a small hole made through the PCB laminates that crosses two or more...


5 Must Know Rules to achieve impedance control in PCB

Latest generation electronic circuits have increasingly stringent requirements, such as miniaturization, use of high frequency signals, high component density and increasingly complex...


PCB Design in the Medical Industry: Our Best Rules

Printed circuit boards have assumed critical importance for electro-medical applications. The significant progress made in the field of electronic technologies has in fact allowed the deployment of...


PCB in harsh environment: which precautions shall be taken?

Some categories of electronic devices must operate in particularly severe conditions, such as salt spray, salt, dust, sand, or extreme temperatures. To ensure that the electronic circuit continues to...