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Best Rules for PCB Components Placement

Over the years, the layout of printed circuit boards has become more and more complex, with an increasing density of components. This complexity is due on the one hand by the market demand for...


The Top 5 Rules for Digital PCB Design

Digital PCB technology has come a long way in the field of Electronics, as innovations and developments fulfil the demands for faster, smaller and cheaper electronics devices and gadgets. Digital...


Techniques and Rules for the Production of PCBs for Very High Frequency

Apart from the electronics industry, various sectors employ technologies where the use of high-frequency components and PCBs are flourishing. PCBs station the circuit and provide a wide range of...


How to Design PCB Antennas

Compact low power devices have always been preferred, especially in automotive and smart wearables due to the consumer demand for high-tech functionalities in one package. Alongside, network...


How to Find Defects on a PCB?

As PCBs are the backbone of electronic circuitry, it is very important to make sure that they are mechanically operational at all times. PCBs also ensure proper connections between components and...


Techniques for PCB Design Under Space Constraints

With betterment in the chip technology, PCB designs have gone through significant changes in terms of size and shape. These changes have led to exponential demand for optimum performance in a compact...


Characteristics, details and types of PCB substrates

Regardless of its type (rigid, flexible, or rigid-flex), each printed circuit requires a physical support, also known as a substrate, on which to place the components and make the necessary...


When and how multi-layer PCBs shall be used

The demand for multilayer printed circuit boards is growing. Small and fast device electronics have made multilayer PCB very popular. These types of printed circuit boards allow for unprecedented...


How to Overcome HDI PCB Design Issues

Printed circuit boards with high density of connections, also known by the term HDI (High Density Interconnect), represent one of the most advanced technologies in this sector, able to meet the...