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An overview of PCB testing and inspection methods

PCB is the basic component of any electronic circuit, simple or complex it may be. The wide use of surface mount components (SMD), combined with the need for multiple layers, has inevitably increased...


Coronavirus: Proto-Electronics maintains its lead times

Dear valued customers,  

In this period of Coronavirus outbreak, Proto-Electronics remains operational and maintains its 5 lead times (from Urgent to Super-Eco).


12 rules to properly design your PCB stackup

The growing demand for more compact electronic products requires PCBs with multiple layers and a three-dimensional designing perspective. This designing perspective adds new problems to design...


Counterfeit components: how to protect yourselves?

According to an article published by the french newspaper Le Monde in 2016, counterfeit electronic components cause from 7 to 10% losses for the industry out of a total turnover of 309 billion euros...


2020 wishes from our CEO, Damien ROSSIGNON

All the team and myself at PROTO-ELECTRONICS are wishing you the greatest happiness, health and success for this new year 2020!


Impedance control on PCBs: what for?

For high frequency analogue or digital circuits, it is essential to protect the signals that propagate on the PCB from being damaged. In fact, signals above 100Mhz are impacted by trace impedance...


MLCC Shortage: How to overcome the crisis?

After starting in the first quarter of 2017, the difficulties in obtaining ceramic capacitors are getting worse. Experts believe the crisis will extend to 2020. You can act on several levels to...


Why detailed evaluation of your AC-DC converter topology pays off ?

When power-system designers start a new AC-DC power converter design, they are faced straight away with the important choice of topology. Broadly seven different topologies at least are supported by...


Our tips to reduce the price and optimise the cost of your PCBs

Controlling the cost of your PCBs requires rigorous initial board design, strict forwarding of your specifications to suppliers and rigour in the relationship you have with them.